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Training, Programs and Outreach

Presentation and Professional Training

Touching Heart staff and trained volunteers work to increase community understanding of domestic violence by providing presentations to churches, civic and professional groups, schools, private organizations, parents and loved ones of survivors, as well as other interested groups.

In order to enhance community response to these issues, staff provides professional training to responders such as law enforcement officers, attorneys, health care providers, faith leaders and pastoral staff, social workers, counselors, caregivers, employers, educators and child care personnel.

Brochure and Materials

Touching Heart creates, maintain and distribute brochures, posters, palm cards and monthly newsletters on domestic violence that are available for public display in a variety of locations.

To end domestic violence we must talk about its presence in our community, educate ourselves about the dynamics of abuse and understand how each of us plays a role in the process to end violence.

If you are interested  in displaying materials on domestic violence at your place of business or at a community location, please contact us at (586) 738-0891. You may also reach us at

Stop the Cover Up Awareness Campaign