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Sexual Violence and Abuse

Sexual violence and abuse can be extraordinarily difficult for victims to talk about because of the ways in which this type of violence often is perpetrated. Sexual violence or abuse can be indicated when the batterer:

  • Is jealously angry and assumes she will have sex with anyone.
  • Withholds sex and affection as punishment.
  • Calls her sexual names.
  • Pressures her to have sex when she doesn’t want to.
  • Insists that his partner dress in a more sexual way than she wants.
  • Coerces sex by manipulation or threats.
  • Physically forces sex or is sexually violent.
  • Coerces her into sexual acts that she is uncomfortable with, such as sex with a third party, physically painful sex, sexual activity she finds offensive or verbal degradation during sex.
  • Inflicts injuries that are sex-specific.
  • Denies the victim contraception or protection against
    sexually transmitted diseases
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