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Psychological Abuse

It is the abuser’s use of physical and sexual force or threats that gives power to his psychologically abusive acts. Psychological abuse becomes an effective weapon in controlling a victim, because she knows through experience that her abuser will at times back up the threats or taunts with physical assaults. Psychological abuse can be indicated when the batterer:

  • Breaks promises, doesn’t follow through on agreements
    or doesn’t take a fair share of responsibility.
  • Verbally attacks and humiliates his partner in private or public.
  • Attacks her vulnerabilities, such as her language abilities,
    educational level, skills as a parent, religious and cultural beliefs or physical appearance.
  • Plays mind games, such as when he denies requests he has made previously or when he undercuts her sense of reality.
  • Forces her to do degrading things.
  • Ignores her feelings.
  • Withholds approval or affection as punishment.
  • Regularly threatens to leave or tells his partner to leave.
  • Harasses her about affairs he imagines her to be having.
  • Stalks her.
  • Always claims to be right.
  • Is unfaithful after committing to monogamy.
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