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Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is easier to recognize and understand than other types of abuse. It can be indicated when the batterer:

  • Scratches, bites, grabs or spits at a current or former intimate partner.
  • Shakes, shoves, pushes, restrains or throws her.
  • Twists, slaps, punches, strangles or burns the victim.
  • Throws objects at her.
  • Subjects her to reckless driving.
  • Locks her in or out of the house.
  • Refuses to help when she’s sick, injured or pregnant,
    or withholds medication or treatment.
  • Withholds food as punishment.
  • Abuses her at mealtime, which disrupts eating patterns
    and can result in malnutrition.
  • Abuses her at night, which disrupts sleeping patterns
    and can result in sleep deprivation.
  • Attacks her with weapons or kills her.
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