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Touching Heart
PO Box 923 
Mount Clemens, Michigan 48046
Phone: (586) 738-0891
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QUESTIONS?  If you need further assistance and can’t find the information you need on the Touching Heart website, please email us at This email address is intended for non-urgent requests only. We will answer your email as soon as possible.

Media interested in working with Touching Heart on a news story or attend an event should send an email to

Our first priority is ensuring client confidentiality and safety and it may take time to find survivors or staff who are comfortable in their healing to speak publicly about the experiences.

Our Executive Director, Brooks J. Young is available to speak with the media at any time.





It may be possible that any information you send through email can be tracked or read by an abuser. Please be cautious while emailing personal information or information about abuse in your life. If you are looking for advice, services, or support, it may be safer for you to call 1-877-785-2020 (SafeLink) or a local program to speak with a sexual or domestic violence advocate than to send a traceable email.

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