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For nearly 14 years, Touching Heart has helped women and children with resources, referrals and rebuilding their lives. It is now time to provide a must needed service by opening The Brooks J. Young Home. The Brooks J. Young Home promises to secure the safety of women and children, provide services to meet the needs for each resident individually and most importantly, allow women the chance to rebuild their lives so they’re able to become self-sufficient for themselves and their children.

We are seeking sponsors for homes in California, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, and Texas. We are praying that we will have a few benefactors so that we are able to move to the second phase of our organization’s needs.

Living in a shelter at the age of 31 opened my eyes to what women experience from the time they are leaving an abusive relationship to the restoration process. Although, I was homeless, I never thought to give up the ministry God had given me due to experiencing trials and tribulations. I understood that God was using me to gain a better understanding of domestic violence, homeless and restoration.
Brooks J. Young, founder and executive director

With a waiting list with nearly 200 families, one home is a start to the greater goal of obtaining a housing complex and opening the Destiny & Purpose Women’s Resource Center. (more…)

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On December 24, 2004, I received a vision to help women and children escaping domestic abuse. I did not know where the desire had stemmed from but I knew that under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, using the clay vessels of myself would open a full-time domestic violence organization for women who are in need of restoration, healing, hope and strong faith. Our beginnings were rocky and for the last 12 years we struggled financially, personally, inter-personally, spiritually, and emotionally. I was young in my faith walk and leadership ability. I was impulsive, unseasoned, immature, and unready. But I believed God wanted to do something with me and with this ministry.

Thirteen years ago our organization was birthed with the hope of fulfilling a need for transitional housing for survivors of domestic violence. Today, Touching Heart’s focus is to restore, rebuild, and renew ALL women with a special emphasis on those who are homeless and escaping domestic abuse. The Brooks J. Young Home is set to open Fall 2018 to women and their children. Domestic violence has been a silent issue for a very long time. Touching Heart is committed to being a vocal advocate in eradicating domestic violence. After experiencing homelessness, my focused changed slightly because I had an understanding of what some may never experience. I’ve gone from having the compassion to understanding what empathy truly means. It is also our God-given purpose to help EVERY woman who enters our center. Every time the desire became strong to do something for these young women, I saw myself struggling and faltering, I became discouraged and my faith wavered. “Is it really God’s vision for me to help women through the Touching Heart ministry?” I would doubtingly wonder.

At each season of discouragement, God directed me to Habakkuk 2:3: “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end, it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarries wait for it; it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

He (God) kept saying, “It will surely come.”

Even now I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. I am filled with love and adoration to my Heavenly Father for His faithfulness and eternal love and for His plan and purpose that will not be thwarted by principalities, powers, spiritual wickedness in high places, nor even my own faltering and fumbling. I now see God’s faithfulness toward me personally more than ever before.

I was a lost soul with a lot of hurt, pain, and hate in my heart yet God gave me something so precious, despite my doubtful spirit. Touching Heart literally saved my life. When I gave up on myself, family, and anything that involved love, God came into my life. He renewed, rebuilt, and restored me so that I could be a better leader, friend, sister, aunt, daughter, granddaughter, and servant. How could I teach other women to love themselves, when I had never loved myself? God came into my life and created and renewed a right spirit within me. He restored my faith and now I put all of my trust in Him and Him alone. I have learned the value of self and how to lean on God for the strength I seek in my life.

I’m proud to announce that the time has surely come! The time to minister full time to women with a biblical based, spiritually motivated, Holy Spirit anointed restoration program. Not only did Touching Heart receive a spiritual makeover, but we (staff and volunteers) have learned the value of teamwork.

We still have work to do, but with the new vision and the anointing over this ministry, we have no choice but to SOAR!! We will provide several programs to restore faith in the lives of hurting women. We will give them the tools necessary to become self-sufficient while holding steadfast to the power of God!

The time has come! The time to move forward. The time to walk IN the vision, not toward the vision. The time of greater miracles from our Heavenly Father. The time to end our faltering, doubting, struggling, wondering, and hesitating.

The time has come for God to burst our hearts open with His purposes and fulfill His plan for our lives and for this ministry. Will you become a part of this vision? Will you walk with us as we walk in the appointed time of this vision? We have great needs. Will you ask the Holy Spirit how you can help and move according to His plan and purpose? Join us as we continue to be humble servants for the Lord.

In His Grace,

Brooks J. Young
Founder/Executive Director 

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