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Dear Friends,

With all that is happening in the world, domestic violence may not seem like the most pressing issues we face as a community and nation. Unfortunately, abuse does not disappear because new problems emerge. Every day, our families, neighborhoods, communities are impacted by domestic violence.

We often talk about our efforts and how domestic violence is an injustice that must end. However, rarely, do we talk about the face of domestic violence. Can you recognize it when you see it? Too often on the news, after a tragedy, those who give interviews express shock and dismay because they did not recognize the warning signs.

In our October issue, we provide some basic information to increase your understanding. Our objective is to
increase awareness and capacity within the community in order to assist victims of domestic violence. To end domestic violence we need a coordinated community response. This means that everyone; every professional, every business, and every family member needs to have a basic awareness of the issue, how it impacts us and how we should respond.

Let the knowledge God has given us be a powerful tool for social change. There are many ways you can make a difference. Start with understanding domestic violence. You can volunteer, support a friend, make a donation, call your legislator to continue funding, host a benefit or even become an activist.

Examples of effective and creative responses to ending domestic violence are highlighted throughout the newsletter. We will continue to be members of an outstanding community that takes a stand against violence.

Rebuilding Lives, Impacting Communities
Brooks J. Young
Founder/Executive Director




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